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Sell Non-mercury Glass Thermometer

Today, most hospitals and many states prohibit the use or sale of mercury thermometers due to their toxicity ...
Micro-computer controlled, low-frequency similiar human body′s electromagnetic wave,

Leading your body into best sleeping status by transmitting these low frequency

Waves ...
Applications: Applied on the vein infusions and catheters fixations.
Characters: New patent intusion piaster makes intusion puncture care safer, easier, and comfort.

SN Size ...
1. Take natural herbage as an effect base material.

2. The design according to human engineering, has excellent of humanized characteristics.

3. It also has ...
1) Strong refastenable tapes let you adjust tape tabs as often as you need for best
Fit with no tearing
2) Super absorbent polymer fluff layer contains more super polymer that ...
Excellent for house keeping. Helps protect hands and fingers from contact with bacterial and other contaminants.

1) PE gloves
2) Excellent for house keeping
3) Very ...
1. Single large chamber with cylinder filter, 150cm tube, luer lock or slip connector, with 18Gx11/2 needle

2. Injection site has three types: Latex cone, rubber cone, and ...
Characters of acne plasters:

1 Good absorb, can absorb the rheum exude of the sebaceous gland
2 Antiphlogistic make the red acne turn to level off and then recover.
3 Keep ...
Vinyl Glove
Non-latex examination gloves, ideal for people with potential latex reactions.

1) Synthetic, vinyl examination/industry gloves
2) Powdered, ...
Spunlace non-woven fabric+medical pressure sensitive adhesive, with S incision on the backing paper, ventilate comfortable and easy operation.

They have good plaste so that ...

1) Unique design for the protecting cap and sample collection hole: Medical personnel do not need to open the cap when they handle or test specimen. This design ...

1) Dimensions: 278 x 106 x 3.2mm

2) nonwoven

3) Good for health

4) Popular in hotel

5) With new materials

6) 100C water and 120C oil resistant